Monday, April 1, 2013


refresh  [ri-fresh]
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: make like new; give new life

Main Entry: comfort
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: make to feel better

Main Entry: embolden
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: encourage

I received a gift by going up to Detroit for the benefit for Lushes LaMoan on March 23rd. I was surrounded by so much love. It affected me directly and healed up a troublesome situation. I want to thank Lushes, Anna Sassin and Sweet LillyBee for the invitation and making me a part of this event.

This season of spring, rebirth, and regeneration is showing itself in a variety of ways to me. I am feeling the growth of the changes I've gone through the past year and a half. Also, I'm able to apply to burlesque festivals again and have a glimmer of hope of getting out and about with my art.

I hope that I am able to see my friends and fans at some of these events, and to make new friends.

April Performances
Saturday, April 6th
The Shrunken Head. 251 West 5th Avenue, Columbus.

Texas Burlesque Festival
April 11-13th
Saturday Night Competition
Click here for Tickets
*I will be twirling fire*

Creme de la Femme
Friday, April 26th
Circus. At the northwest corner of N. High Street and Fifth Avenue, Columbus.
*I will be twirling fire*

Fabulously Fluid

Saturday, April 27th
Wall Street Night Club. 144 N. Wall Street, Columbus
*I will be performing twice - the number I performed at the Texas Burlesque Festival (sans fire) and a drag king number.*
Fabulously Fluid! is a benefit for the TransOhio Transgender and Ally Symposium, which will be taking place April 26th-28th, 2013.

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