Thursday, April 4, 2013


Facebook stated on 04/03/13 that I was using my regular profile as a business page and forced me to convert it to a page.

However, most of 1000+ photos were NOT transferred to this page.
NONE my events, messages, groups, likes, timeline, notes, etc. were transferred either.
I am being forced to start over from nearly scratch.

I checked Facebook on my phone during my lunch break at work and all was fine. I came home and it was gone. No warning, nothing.

I am appalled with their inability to properly socially interact with their customer base, and be so rude and socially crippling.

Hopefully someone at Facebook will pull their head out of their ass and restore my profile.

In the meantime, please "like" this new fan page: and/or add me as a friend to my new profile page:

If we have communicated with either messages, via a group or event invites, please re-send everything to either profile, or just communicate via my email address: stephanie @LadyMonster .com .

Having a fan page does not allow me to see a "timeline" of what others are posting. Because of this fiasco, I will be using Twitter more often now and have synced my Facebook fan page and my Twitter feed to be the same. Please feel free to follow me there: .

Thank you.

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