Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have temporarily dropped out of the corporate world and gone back to school. With only 7 semester hours needed, I attended Columbus State Community College to achieve my Associate's Degree. Fifteen years have passed since I last attended any kind of college. I didn't attend right after high school. I worked full-time. I would attend a class here and there, but nothing regular and no declared major.

On Friday, December 14th, I'll receive my Diploma for the Associate of Arts!
Soon, I'll be on my way to Ohio State University, to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Sexuality Studies. It's my goal to be finishing my Master's when I turn 50.

Please wish me luck as I continue with this time of transition, to keep on track and not look back.

In the meantime, here is my schedule of performances to date for December. It appears that Circus is the magic word for this month.

Remember, I am available for hire for private parties - Birthday, Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas, New Years, etc. I twirl fire tassels and light up marshmallows or candles for your entertainment.
Here I am on November 23rd at Circus, celebrating my birthday. Lots of room for improv with the birthday guest of honor in this routine!

Friday, December 14th:
After receiving my degree, I'll be celebrating on stage at
Creme de la Femme
1227 N. High St. @ Fifth, Columbus
Burlesque, Bands and Comedy. This show happens on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month with your host Mike Folker.
Doors: 9:30pm. Admission: $6.00
*I will be twirling fire.

Friday, December 20th:
Celebrate the End of the World with Electro Cult Circus!
2590 North High Street, Columbus
Count down to the END with special guests Ooh la la's, Sex Kittens, Kinky Kitty, Lady Monster, Dolls Of Evolved, bellydancing by Janaan Al Jahanni, Leyla Billman, magic and comedy by Erik Tait, more comedy shenanigans from The Skitzo Show - over 16 performers!
Doors: 9:00pm. Admission: $5.00

Saturday, December 28th:
Circus of Cool
Krista Kitty's annual birthday/Holiday Bash
Dick's Den
2417 N. High Street @Blake, Columbus
I was Don Pavelcik's "Partner-In-Crime" with Circus of Cool beginning in 1995 and then ran it for him when he became ill. In 1999 when Don passed away, I turned the reins for the show to Krista. She has continued to bring this show to Columbus and Community Festival. Please join us in celebrating a fantastic woman and performer with live jazz, poetry and burlesque - all to the Beat.
Doors: 9:30pm. Admission: $4.00
*I will be twirling fire.

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