Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I'll be 44 on the 24th, and still twirling my tassels.
In fact, I'll be lighting them on fire after the clock strikes Midnight on the 23rd (actual birth time 3:21am, after a half-hour of labor, that's 30 Minutes, folks).

Help me celebrate my Birthday Month in the following ways:

This just happened, but it's another reason to celebrate -
Barack Obama is once again The President of the United States!
Remembering watching mine and Sadie Lune's 60-second "I Want You" performance pieces at the SF MoMA on November 4, 2008, Election Night. I wore a blue sequin gown. After the performances, some friends and I went to watch the returns at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts across the street. The line to get inside went around the block, so we decided instead to head toward the Castro. Jumping on an F streetcar, we made our way up Market Street. Then the announcement came, Barack Obama was elected President! People stopped what they were doing to run into the streets. Stopped their cars, buses, everything. The F car was forced to stop too. The streets filled up. We got almost to Church Street and went towards a bar. People started coming down the street with pots and wooden spoons, banging them together, shouting and cheering. This was happening all over town, all over America. I am really happy that he has been re-elected. I am more liberal than some of his policies, but he's a better choice than the scary Romney/Ryan ticket.

From September 18 to October 12th, I organized a fundraiser on Indiegogo with Satan's Angel for Big Fannie Annie . This successful campaign brought in over $11,000 for her upcoming surgery and saved her life.
Near the end of that campaign, I began putting together a benefit, so people could congregate in person, to donate to the cause.
There is over $2,500 worth in raffle prizes and silent auction items available at this benefit, not to mention the venue donating the space and their staff. The performers are also all donating their time, travel costs and energy.
I am excited for my first production upon my return to Columbus.
Please join me for a Big Bawdy Good Time! 100% of the proceeds benefit Big Fannie Annie.

THANKS SO MUCH TO SARAH THOMPSON of The Other Paper for interviewing Big Fannie Annie, Satan's Angel and myself for this article, promoting the benefit.

Once again, I get to perform burlesque with a live band, Change It Up Charlie! If you missed this performance last month, please come to check it out. Or, if you enjoyed yourself, please come again. This is usually a rare occurrence, but I'm so happy to do it again, and so soon!

I realize that my birthday falls at an awkward time. It always falls either on or near Thanksgiving. Most people travel out of town to be with family, or are busy preparing their own festivities. The following performances can provide an opportunity for you to celebrate my birthday with me, if you are unable to make it to the party on the 23rd at Circus.

Here's a list of my performances in November:

Friday, November 9th
The Shrunken Head, 251 West Fifth Avenue @ Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH
Doors: 9:30pm
Show: 10:00pm
Cost: $5.00
21+ only
Kaiser Colonic as the MC
Burlesque, Magic, Singing and Lots of Comedy - all with a Blue light!

Friday, November 16th
Change It Up Charlie
Bethel Road Pub, 1375 Bethel Road, Columbus, OH
Doors: 9:00pm
Cost: $3.00
21+ only

Friday, November 23rd
Creme de la Femme
Circus, 1227 North High Street @Fifth Avenue, Columbus, OH
Doors: 9:30pm
Show: 10:00pm
Cost: $6.00
21+ only
Burlesque, Bands, Comedy - always a great time! Come help me blow out my candles!

Saturday, November 24th

Hopefully I will be staying somewhere out of town.
This is also the day of the OSU-Michigan game and it's at home. I would prefer not to be at home. Let me know if I can come stay with you!

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