Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Take Five

Take Five

It’s half-way through April and I’m just now starting to breathe. The roller coaster started at the end of March and finally, I’m taking five.

I teetered between homes and whether or not to have a nervous breakdown. I dropped out of the band so that I could focus on finding a place to live. I had to cancel three performances (the first time I’ve ever had to cancel). It took everything in me to not cry at work.

I cried on the shoulders of those that I loved, and some turned me away, not wanting the burden as things avalanched. My family provided monumental support. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Last week I finally found my own apartment. No roommates and plenty of room for my things. I can afford it with my job and the job is looking more secure every day. I’m beginning to unpack and to find furniture and regular household items, the things that I gave away or threw into the trash (and recycling) in San Francisco. I tried to make eggs Saturday morning to discover I have no spatula. I cooked up a chicken breast to discover I have no knives (except a butcher and paring knife). Little things that add up. I tried to hang curtains to realize I had no chair to stand on. Thankfully I have a lot of boxes of books.

If you're doing some spring cleaning or having a garage/yard sale, please let me know. I bet I could use it.

My head is up. I am not looking back. I am not focusing on blaming or making excuses. I want to use my experiences to forge ahead.

Including, I’ve focused on creating a new costume for my HEADLINING performance in Chicago with Viva La Muerte and her Hot & Heavy show on Friday, April 20th. Also, for a routine I’ll be performing at Viva Valezz’ annual breast cancer fundraiser, HOT PINK at Wall Street on May 12th.

TWO NEW ROUTINES and COSTUMES that I’m making by hand. Thanks so much to my partner in handstitching and hatching new plans, Miss Theresa for all of your excellent work and ideas!

I am also very excited to announce I will be performing with the BURLESQUE-A-PADES on their stop in Columbus. I’ll be making S’MORES with a LIVE BAND! This will be a very rare treat, so please don’t miss out!

Here are more details about where I will be performing:

Friday, April 20th:
Hot & Heavy Presents: Terminal Tease – A Burlesque Tribute to Industrial Music
Stage 773, 1225 West Belmont, Chicago, IL
Purchase Tickets In Advance Here: http://www.stage773.com/Show?id=60

Sunday, May 6th: Burlesque-A-Pades with the World Famous Pontani Sisters and the Brian Newman Quintet
Skully’s Music and Diner, 1151 North High Street, Columbus, OH
Click Here For Tickets

Saturday, May 12th:
HOT PINK – Velvet Hearts’ Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser
Wall Street Night Club, Columbus, OH
TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! Tables are limited. Get yours before they're gone. Show featuring Crystal Swarovski from DC, The Royal Renegades, Crimson Kitty from NYC, Cherry La Voix, Geegee Louise from Boston, Cory Strips, Lady Monster, the Velvet Hearts! What an amazing lineup!!!

Wednesday, May 23rd: FIERCE – The First Queer Burlesque Festival – TOUR featuring Viva Valezz, The Velvet Hearts, The Incredible, Edible... Akynos, Crystal Swarovski, Twinkletoes McGee, Pandora Foxx, Crimson Kitty, Geegee Louise and more!
Wiley’s Comedy Nightclub. Dayton, OH

Saturday, May 26th: Burlesqueoke – It’s a burlesque show! It’s Karaoke! It’s a wild time.
The Shrunken Head, Columbus, OH

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