Saturday, March 10, 2012


That's not a word that stayed in my vocabulary or outlook for long when I lived in SF.
I struggled a lot there - financially, with friendships, with being a performer. I had many happy moments, but just before I moved I was pretty miserable. I knew moving from SF was inevitable because of not having enough income to get by. It was not something I wanted to do because I fell deeply in love with the city and did not want that relationship to end. But, when it's time to move on, you pick yourself up and get out of that situation and hope that the next one is better.

I moved on, back to Ohio, back to my hometown of Columbus, on Christmas Day.

And, it is immensely better for me:
Financially - I GOT A JOB!, my rent is AWESOME!
Friends and Family are supportive and so loving.
Performances - I am booked to perform about once a week, coming up - and not just in Columbus.

The past several weeks have been a time of transition. Trying to get it through my head that I cannot:
a) take the bus to the beach
b) walk over to the next block for a $20 mani/pedi with parrafin wax treatment
c) find a produce store with cheap and plentiful fruits and vegetables within just a slight stretch from my apartment, or
d) seeing so much sexy goodness in so many forms available every night of the week.

At least, I am now learning different ways and means that sexiness exists in Columbus. It's no Baghdad By The Bay, but there is a lot of beauty and art.
When I talk with others, I can honestly say, "I am happy". Things are good here.

I have a lot of ideas on ways to add to my happiness and am working on a few of them now. Receiving so much support from friends, family and fellow performers is a welcome change too. Walking into a room and having people say, "I am so glad you moved back into town. Getting to see you on a regular basis has made me so happy.", makes not having an ocean at the ready alright.

Here are some of the things that are happening for me right now:

I was the first featured guest on The Sound of Plaid at their new Columbus studio.
You can listen to the archived podcast here.
Thanks so much to TradeMark and Frillypants for inviting me. I curated the crazy track list, so enjoy the sounds of SPRING!

I am a back-up singer for the new band, Dirty Biscuits. Headed by Beth Hunter (Slick Scoundrels) on lead vocals and Craig Dunson (Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Thee Invaders, Righteous Buck and the Skull Scorchers, etc) on guitar. Other members are Brian (Slick Scoundrels) on drums and Sam on bass. Staci is also joining us on back-ups. There will also be go-go dancing with the vocals! Blues/Garage/60's - you know, like Thee Headcoatees, Holly Golightly, and The Sonics.

I am also posting my performances on my fan page: . Please "LIKE" me.

Hope to see you at one or more of the following upcoming shows.

March 22nd (Tentative): One-Eyed Jacks, Fairborn, OH (Thanks to Viva Valezz)

March 24th: OhEmmyGee Productions Presents: Va Va Voom In The Cambridge Room! at The House of Blues, Cleveland, OH. Tickets are on sale! (Thanks to Emily Gerson)

March 30th: The Booooooob Train: A Funky Tribute to Don Cornelius at KOBO Live, Columbus, OH (Thanks to Viva Valezz)

April 1st: Broadway Brunch on the Upper Level. Level Dining Lounge, Columbus, OH (Thanks to Viva Valezz)

April 7th: BURazzle-dazzLESQUE at The Shrunken Head, Columbus, OH
(Thanks to Cherie Blondell)

April 14th (Tentative): Dangerous Liaisons at Wall Street Night Club, Columbus, OH (Thanks to Viva Valezz)

April 20th: Termination Tease: A Burlesque Tribute To Industrial Music at Stage 773 in Chicago, IL (Thanks to Viva La Muerte)

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