Monday, December 12, 2011


I am moving to Columbus, Ohio.
I can no longer support a lifestyle in San Francisco.
Currently I'm unclear about the date of departure, but I have a plane ticket for December 23rd and it's my goal to be able to have it all packed up by then.

My rent was raised and my unemployment benefits cut in half. Without work, I cannot maintain a living here.

My family is in Ohio and a vast network of support. I have an opportunity to move in with my old roommate and begin working with Viva Valezz, Arturo DeLeon and many others for collaborations and productions.

I have a few performances lined-up in December and I hope you can be there to say "Good-Bye".

- Saturday, December 17th at Center for Sex and Culture for International Day To End Violence Towards Sex Workers. This has always been an important event to me. I have created a group performance that includes myself and up to 8 others. Please email me for more information if you would like to join me.

- Sunday, December 18th at the top of Bernal Hill, at Sunrise. Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens are having a Wedding To The Sun as a finale to their Love Art Lab projects over the past seven years. Weather permitting, I will be twirling fire tassels and roasting marshmallows with my tassels as my offering to them and to the Sun. For more information about this event, please check out their invitation.

If anyone would like to assist me in minimizing my belongings for the big move, I would really appreciate any assistance. And, of course, you are welcome to help yourself to anything on the donate/sell pile. Here is my ad on Craigslist with details for some of the bigger items.

I am sad to leave this beautiful city. It has brought so much to me for the past ten years. I am also looking forward to re-connecting with old friends and all of the incredible burlesque, music and art that is happening there too.

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