Sunday, November 6, 2011


October was a heavy performance month for me, and included some things that weren't mentioned in my last blog.

For one, I was hired by Bobcat Goldthwait to be the only performer for Robin Williams' bachelor party. They asked me to perform my tribute to Peter Sellers as they wanted funny. After my performance (in the backroom of a restaurant with a dozen comedians), Robin and Bobcat both approached me, thanked me and asked me to stay and have dinner with them, perhaps I could do a second number after dessert. I heard more jokes and great backstage stories than I could ever remember to repeat. And, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Mort Saul. It was a magical night and they were absolute angels to me. Best wishes to you Robin and your new nuptials. Thank you again Bobcat, I'll never forget getting to twirl my tassels for all of you.

For another, my friend Mark Farmiloe, aka Loopus passed away suddenly. He was the singer for the Columbus, Ohio bands Pica Huss and Econothugs. It's taken our entire community by surprise and storm. A group on Facebook was created so people who knew him could share stories, photos and grieve. There are now nearly 800 members of the group, all sharing. Benefit shows for his wife have been planned and many bands are getting back together, raffle items are being donated. Our little family is being re-knit into a tight, lovely circle of misfits. We are all realizing how special and unique our community was, how much good art and music was being created. As part of my grieving process, I created a video. Pica Huss only had a cassette and a split-7 inch with Girly Machine. Thankfully someone uploaded all of the music from the cassette and I was able to download it (I have the cassette, but there are bare spots from playing it so much). I have volunteered to share my many memories and stories of being part of the scene and being one of the writers of an upcoming book about it.

Back to Austin.
I am traveling there for a number of reasons.
1. To celebrate my birthday. It falls on Thanksgiving Day this year. So, in lieu of trying to get people to celebrate my birthday on Turkey Day, I'm celebrating it early and on my own terms.

2. To see the New Bomb Turks perform a reunion show. With families and careers, it's harder and harder to get them together again, and it's usually in Ohio or NYC or Europe. So, I'm taking advantage of them venturing towards the West and getting to check out Austin for the first time too.

3. To see my oldest friend, Chad. Chad and I went to high school together and bonded over our love of weird music. Chad introduced me to Pica Huss and the New Bomb Turks as new friends when he got a job at Singing Dog Records after high school. About the same time I moved to San Francisco, he moved to Tokyo. He moved back to the States after the earthquake and tsunami, and it will be my first time seeing him in many years. I'm really looking forward to us getting caught up.

4. Another old friend that I met in Flagstaff, Ricardo Acevedo lives in Austin now. He just published a beautiful book of his photography, Interloper. He also has an art show at the New East Art Gallery as part of the East Austin Studio Tour 2011 (while I'm there!).
Here's a self-portrait with Ricardo's book:

5. I GET TO TEACH WORKSHOPS at Coco Lectric's Austin Academy of Burlesque!!
I am so excited for this opportunity. I will be teaching two workshops on Sunday, November 13th from 3:00 - 6:00pm.

Positively Lovely
. A body image workshop open to all sizes, ages and genders of people. Includes a visualization exercise and ends with telling your love story with your body. Inspired by Annie Sprinkle, Candye Kane and Marilyn Wann. Beginning at 3:00pm, the class lasts about an hour, depending on the number of participants. $10.00

Science of Spinning
. Teaching Satan's Angel's methods of making pasties with spinners and rolling your own fringe tassels. Also, learn the physics of a well-constructed pastie, the impact of a good tassel and how together they save breast tissue. Class includes all materials. You walk away with a set of pasties, two sets of tassels and a quick lesson how to twirl using isolations (no bouncing). Please bring a glue gun and if you have specific materials you want to use. Class begins at 4:00pm. $25.00

Classes take place at: Galaxy Dance Studios. 1700 Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704.

To attend both workshops, the cost is only $30.00. Tickets available at the door or discounted online.

For more information, please go to:

As I take some time off from performing burlesque, I will be spending time writing, teaching, being with old friends and still trying to find a permanent job.

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