Tuesday, October 4, 2011



Extremes of darkness and light
Sheltering your eyes from a direct gaze
Preferring the shadow
Until the Moon passes
Recognizing a unique phase

I missed out seeing Folsom Street Fair and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass as I sat inside, away from the sunshine, sewing up costumes, getting ready for the extravaganza that is October. Please join me as the season shifts from summer to fall, light to dark, getting ready for the thinning of the veil, dark passing to light and back again.

October 2: Kentucky Fried Woman’s Hippies vs. Ravers
Bench and Bar. 510 17th Street @ Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
8:00pm. $10.00
Celebrate Kentucky Fried Woman’s birthday with a fun show, celebrating the differences and similarities between Hippies and Ravers and why we love them.
I re-presented the routine I created for Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens’ Purple Wedding to the Moon as a Star Goddess, including LEDs and fire tassels.

October 13: Little Minskys
Café Deluxe. 1511 Haight Street @ Ashbury, San Francisco
10:00pm. $5.00
I will be premiering a new fire tassel act complete with cast iron cauldron and marshmallows. Come, sit close to me, and get a delicious treat.

October 14: LitQuake: FIGURE FOUR CAPS LOCK
The Hemlock Tavern. 1131 Polk Street @ Hemlock Alley, San Francisco
8:00pm. $10.00
Bob Calhoun (aka Counte Dante) brings a night of reading from wrestlers memoirs.
I will be representing The Fabulous Moolah, reading "First Goddess of the Squared Circle" by Lillian Ellison. A wrestler from the 1950s through to the 90s, she was a contemporary of “Lady Monster”, aka Margie Markoff. Margie was 6’2” and 300 lbs. I found out about this other Lady Monster years after using my name, once the internet became more than a sensation.

October 15: Burlesque Moulin
Shattuck Down Low, 2284 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
8:00pm. Tickets start at $12.00
Speakeasy Cabaret featuring live music by Lost Dog Found
I will be performing a new routine, while the band plays. I am very excited for this opportunity!!

Hooker’s Ball Brothello
San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center. 635 8th St @ Brannan, SF
Tickets start at $45.00
I have been invited to perform alongside Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen, Sexploration with Monika, Rain DeGrey and the creator of the original Hooker’s Ball – Margo St. James.

October 27: Naked Girls Reading: Neil Gaiman
Center for Sex and Culture. 1349 Mission Street @ 10th St, San Francisco
8:00pm. $15.00 (Front Row Seats are Sold Out)
Discount Advance Tickets: http://ngrsf.eventbrite.com
The annual Naked Spooky Girls Reading event presents a special showcase of all Neil Gaiman literature.
Featuring: Carol Queen PhD, Ophelia Coeur de Noir, Lady Monster and special guest: Rain DeGrey of Kink.com.
Before the reading C. Theodore Walker presents his half-play, half-ritual Babble On! BABALON! Based on the writings of Aleister Crowley on the Whore of Babalon.
Last Gasp Books will also be selling books to promote Neil Gaiman’s All Hallows’ Read.


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