Sunday, December 5, 2010


December 5, 1996
I was in a serious car accident and each day since then I have celebrated being alive, by dancing, performing or just letting my friends know the story of how close I came to dying and survived.

Unknown to me, the driver of the car was drunk. There were a total of 7 of us in his Toyota Corolla. Everyone (except the driver) was injured. I had the most life threatening. I had been in the front seat, sitting on my date's lap. I smashed the windshield with my forehead, but never lost consciousness.

17 broken ribs, a punctured lung (right), a collapsed lung (left), a bruised heart, a lot of nerve damage in my back, my right side, my right arm, my right hand and my right breast was very misshaped and crumpled. I was on a respirator in Intensive Care for 4 days, had chest tubes and a total of 2 weeks in the hospital, and spent another 2 weeks at my mothers.

I was unable to lift anything, go up/down stairs, get out of bed, take a shower (forget a bath), or even laugh for a very long time. My muscles and nerves were torn where the bones were broken. My diaphragm didn't work because of the lung and rib damage and I nearly died when I did try to laugh. I couldn't inhale after breathing out a belly laugh.

Each year on the anniversary I try to book a performance.
Today is no exception.
I hope you can come out to
Sunday, December 5th
A Witches' Brew
The Stud. 399 9th Street @ Harrison, San Francisco
Doors: 7pm. Show: 8pm. $5.00.
Proceeds benefit Ace Reality Check TV.

I made a conscious decision to not book myself in the coming weeks. However, I do have the following appearances scheduled:

Monday, December 13th

Hubba Hubba Revue
The Uptown Club
Broadway @ 19th Street, Oakland
9:00pm. $5.00
I will be performing my Star Goddess routine that I performed at Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens' Purple Wedding To The Moon in Los Angeles. Complete with all light effects! Thanks to Bruce Smith for assisting me with all the technology!

Friday, December 17th
Naked Girls Reading: Sex Workers
The Center for Sex and Culture
1519 Mission Street @ 11th Street, San Francisco
Doors: 8:30pm. Show: 9:00 - 10:30pm
$15.00 general seating. $20 front row.
Special Guests: Annie Sprinkle, PhD and Sadie Lune
Regular Cast: Carol Queen PhD, Dottie Lux, Kimberlee Cline, Lady Monster and Ruby Vixen.
December 17th is National Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers. This event will celebrate the literature written by sex workers to bring awareness around this date and the need for sex workers rights and protections. For more information about this date, the cause and other events taking place across the country, please go to:

Naked Girls Reading - San Francisco will become a MONTHLY show, beginning January 20th.
Please join us at Viracocha on the Third Thursday of every month. New Guest Performers! New Themes! Come on down for a great time at this spoken-word focused space in the heart of The Mission, located at the corner of Valencia and 21st Streets.

I am still looking for a job. The temporary assignment I was promised was canceled before it began. If anyone has any leads or personal needs (and can pay), I would really appreciate it.

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