Saturday, November 6, 2010

A New Year

November marks my entry to a new year. On the 24th I will be 42.

I have been supporting the West Memphis Three since 1996, after learning about this situation from Danny Bland and The Supersuckers. I have organized several benefits, house parties and other means of creating awareness and support over the years. I am absolutely ecstatic with this phenomenal news! Thanks to Anje Vela for her tireless work on this case too.
Arkansas Supreme Court Orders New Hearings for West Memphis 3
The justices ordered a new hearing on whether newly analyzed DNA evidence and other testimony regarding juror misconduct could exonerate death-row inmate Damien Echols as well as Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, who are serving terms of life in prison.

Washington Post Article
Arkansas State Supreme Court Decision

I recently had the love affair of a lifetime. Spending every waking moment (and practically no sleeping moments) feeling so much love, hearing it in every word and receiving it in every gesture. I am filled with gratitude to have had this experience.
What the future holds with this, I don't care to guess. The affair is definitely on hiatus, and maybe even for this lifetime. We have shared many lifetimes together already. Whether we come together again or not, I continue moving forward.
(On a side note, I am at my thinnest in 14 years, losing over 3 inches on my waist alone this past month.)

As life continues, I have the following performances lined up:
Friday, November 5th.
The Supperclub SF.
Guest on Sexploration with Monika radio program and performing fire tassels during the 13th Bondage Dinner.
Big thanks to Miss V, the hostess of the night celebrating The Day of the Dead, bondage, sex talk, and voodoo. What's not to like?

Saturday, November 6th.
Blazing Burlesque.
The Fire Escape Bar & Grill. 7341 Madison Ave., Citrus Heights, CA (near Sacramento).
$10.00. 9:00PM
Lizzy D. Vine hosts this monthly burlesque showcase. I will be lighting my tassels on fire to TWO different numbers. Stay for the treat at the end!

Tuesday, November 9th.
Seduction Feroce.
Era Art Bar, 19 Grand Avenue (@ Broadway). Oakland.
$5.00. 8:00PM
Sheba Queen of the Night hosts this monthly burlesque showcase.

Thursday, November 11th
Erotica Bowl II - SF's Hottest Erotica Competition
8:30 PM
Rancho Parnassus, 132 6th St. San Francisco.
* Erotica Bowl II is a spoken word erotica competition, with a maximum of ten performers, held on one night.
* The contest will be judged, and first prize is $200.

Wednesday, November 24th.
My 42nd Birthday
No celebration plans as of yet. Contact me if you want to get together.

Photo taken at Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens' Purple Wedding to the Moon prior to the Procession. Farnsworth Park, Altadena, CA. October 25, 2010.

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