Friday, December 7, 2007


On June 4th, earlier this year, I broadcast a show, supporting the West Memphis Three.
Anje Vela joined me in the studio again to provide an update on what has been happening with the case, and about a new auction item that will be available from December 11th (Damien Echols' birthday) until Christmas Day at Skeleton Key Auctions. This item is a custom, acoustic guitar personalized by all current members of The Cure. You can register now for the auction.

Recently, the West Memphis Three website has released information about Arkansas Take Action. They are requesting letters to be mailed in from all over the world by people that want to see the exoneration of the innocent West Memphis Three. Scientific evidence PROVES beyond a reasonable doubt that they should never have been imprisoned. Yet, the ones that were proved to be at the scene of the crime are not behind bars. Please write a letter demanding they FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE!

Anje and I read a lot of information about the recent updates to the case and actions available to the supporters. We also played some tunes by West Memphis Three supporters.

Please, if you need to make a year-end tax-deductible donation, please send it in for the West Memphis Three, and their Legal Defense Fund.

Play List
Worlds AIDS Day – the International Day Without Art
PSA from the World AIDS Day OrganizationThe Body

RIP: My friend Gabe: Gabriel Tuxedo Pitonak, passed away at the age 32 in Columbus, Ohio on 11/27/07
Gate’s Salty Blues: Clarence Gatemouth Brown (Original Peacock Recordings)

Dance The Night Away: Van Halen (Van Halen II)

Anje Vela of Music 4 Life and Skeleton Key Art Auctions joins me in the studio

Free The West Memphis Three: Thoracic Disruptor
Anybody Out There: Dwarves (Sugar Fix-promo CD on SubPop)
Million Dollars Bail: Peter Case Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John)
Rusty Cage: Johnny Cash (Unchained)
1000 Cracks of Daylight (written by Damien Echols): Michael Graves (Illusions)
Someday: Steve Earle (Essential Steve Earle)

Information about the guitar being auctioned for the West Memphis Three from The Cure at Skeleton Key Art Auctions.

A Night Like This: The Cure (Staring At The Sea: The Singles)
Unnamed Lullaby: Mark Lanegan (Free The West Memphis Three)
Beyond and Back: X (Los Angeles/Wild Gift)
File Under Defiled/Unhung Jury (Side A): New Bomb Turks (Beruhren Meiner Affe, aka Spank My Monkey)
Rise Above: Henry Rollins and Chuck D (Rise Above: A WM3 Benefit CD)
Army Reserve(written by Damien Echols): Pearl Jam (self-titled)
Close To Me: The Cure (The Head On The Door)
Dirt Roads, Dead Ends, and Dust: Supersuckers (Live at the Magic Bag)

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