Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me!

This special broadcast was my birthday party. Falling during the holiday weekend, it is rather difficult for friends to attend my birthday parties, so to relieve any pressure for everyone, I put my party on the air this year.

I had a blast! I played some of my favorite bands and favorite songs and I just did NOT have enough time to include everyone. I brought so much music and only got to a small portion of it. I filled up my suitcase full of CDs, singles and LPs - oh well, perhaps to be continued until next week, right?

My guests this week were: Lilycat, Raina (who both gave me my birthday spankings LIVE on the air), Mike West, Jukie Sunshine and Downtown Donna. My friend Diane also called in, but I didn't get a chance to put her live on the air. Oh, and the singer for the Gun and Doll Show called in to serenade me with his special version of Happy Birthday and then stopped in to the studio to drop off presents for all the DJs at Pirate Cat Radio.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who tuned in, called or stopped by to make my birthday so so special this year.

Play List:
Happy Birthday: Jingle Cats
She Goes Down: Candy Snatchers (7")
I'll Pick You Up (When I Put The Bottle Down): Satchell's Pawn Shop (7" on Lonesome Town Record Company)
Volare: Domenico Modugno (Joe O'Brien's Great Italian Hits on Baci Records)
They Sent My Old Lady To The Moon: Jim Nesbit (7")
My Brightest Day: Pat Dull and the Media Whores (Gimme The Whores cd on Break-Up Records)
Happy Birthday: Gun and Doll Show (LIVE via studio line) - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
What A Wonderful World: Nick Cave and Shane McGowan (7" on Elektra Records)
Can't Kill Stupid: Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments (Bait and Switch on Onion Records)
Dead Homiez: Supersuckers (7" on Subpop Records)
Girl Can Help It: New Bomb Turks (Pissing Out The Poison CD on Crypt Records)
Tora Tora, Loss of Control: Van Halen (Women and Children First)
Cocksucker: LordBurger (gleaned from their MySpace page)
It's Time To Rock, It's Time To Roll: Wesley Willis (split 7" with Rainbow Sugar)
Feel The Real: Pica Huss (Bumped By Karaoke on Datapanik Records)
Electric: Lady Monster with Steve Mackay and Marlon Kasberg (and Lydia Lunch) recorded LIVE at the Make-Out Room
Boudoir: The Upper Crust (Entitled CD on Reptilian Records)
Breathless: Jerry Lee Lewis
The Booty Bus: BlowFly (Fahrenheit 69 on Alternative Tentacles)
Screamer and Double Clutchin Finger Fuckin: REO Speedealer (self-titled CD on Royalty Records)
Slut and Wanna Fuck: Zeke (True Crime)
Hawaii Five-O: The Ventures (7" on Liberty Records)
You Only Live Twice: The Vultures (Self-Titled CD on Eerie Records)
She's All That: Andre Williams and The Sadies (Red Dirt on Bloodshot Records)
Please Help Me I'm Falling: Homer and Jethro (Songs My Mother Never Sang LP)
Wine Don't Lie: Dale Watson (I Hate These Songs on Hightone Records)
Do You Wanna Dance: The Ramones (Rocket To Russia)
Chicken Squawk: MDC
Ace of Spades: Motorhead (Golden Years: The Alternate Versions)
Revolting Cock Au Lait: The Revolting Cocks (and Lady Monster) (Cocked and Loaded CD on Thirteenth Planet Records)

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