Monday, June 4, 2007

Free The West Memphis Three


June 2nd
June 3rd marks the 14th year that the West Memphis Three have been imprisoned for murders they did not commit.
This particular radio show was all about raising awareness and showing my support to Free The West Memphis Three.

Anje Vela, founder of the non-profit Music4Life and producer of West Memphis Three benefits and various other projects surrounding raising awareness for The West Memphis Three was my in-studio guests.
Michale Graves, former singer of The Misfits, was my telephone guest, calling from New Jersey.

Michale has a forthcoming album that he has collaborated with Damien Echols, while Damien serves his sentence on Death Row in Arkansas. Although Damien has not heard any of the music, he has written all of the lyrics to the songs.

We premiered three rough mixes from that album.
Silent Partner

Anje provided various news items about the WM3 and what is currently happening with their case.

I also focused all of my music to be by artists that support the West Memphis Three.

L7 - Boys in Black (Free The West Memphis Three)
Henry Rollins, Chuck D - Rise Above (Rise Above)
Thoracic Disruptor - Free The West Memphis Three (ReMix)
Ministry - Wrong
New Bomb Turks - Veronica Lake (Veronica Lake EP)
Mojo Apostles - Promised Land (American Halfass)
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Lethal Injection (live CD on Smooch)
Johnny Cash - I Wear Stripes (Live at Folsom Prison and San Quentin)
John Doe - The Real One (Meet John Doe)
Eddie Vedder and the Supersuckers - Poor Girl
Henry Rollins, Exene Cervenka - Wasted (Rise Above)

I read Damien's poetry, excerpts from a forthcoming book about prison life, and the lyrics to the song Army Reserve. This is featured on the latest, self-titled Pearl Jam album.
Anje and I talked about his artwork, how we premiered it at the Skeleton Key Art Auction last year at 111 Minna. Henry Rollins was hanging out, mingling with all of the guests. It was the first time that both he and Jello Biafra performed on the same stage. It was a magickal night. Damien's presence was all around us.

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