Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Princess of Hollywood

My broadcast of September 8, 2007 is dedicated to Princess Farhana/Pleasant Gehman, the Princess of Hollywood.

There are two major errors with this broadcast:
1. I forgot to bring my MP3 player to the studio, thus the interview with Princess Farhana was not broadcast during my shift as planned. I have, however, remedied this error by creating a
webpage to provide the MP3 of my interviewwith Princess Farhana.

2. This error is that the podcast of this program is not available. The Minister of Podcasts at Pirate Cat Radio had this to say:
"As is always the case then podcasts crap out, there seems to have been a network issue that screwed with the recording process. There's nothing I can do about it unfortunately, it's just the nature of the way the podcasts get recorded. Sorry :("

In an effort to fix these errors, I would like to rebroadcast this program at some point in the future. Perhaps next week when I broadcast live from the Expo for Musicians and Artists.

Princess Farhana is a self-described, "Hollywood Icon, Glitter Addict, Deposed Royalty, Post Modern Showgirl" - not to mention prolific writer, and performer in all varieties: bellydance, burlesque, spoken word, actress and instructor.

In all my experiences, meeting so many people, no one can match Pleasant's positive energy - so completely infectious. She can make an entire room giddy with delight - mostly inspired by her storytelling, smiles and laughter. At the premiere of Steve Balderson's Phone Sex movie, I haven't laughed so hard continuously as hanging with her that evening.

She has been a good friend to me, inviting me to take part in the Phone Sex film, the Zapatos (chooz remix) video shoot. Getting to spend Easter Sunday morning in Echo Park with Plez, Margaret Cho, Diana Yanez and Selena Luna - WOW!, and she's been my tour guide for all sorts of cool places in LA.

Princess Farhana is on the Sensuous Woman tour right now. This is how I met Plez is through Margaret Cho's The Sensuous Woman shows. I went down to the El Cid in Los Angeles in May 2006. We shared the same incredibly small dressing room. I was also able to perform in the show when they came to San Francisco at the Empire Plush Room. I am always excited to hear about what Pleasant is up to next. I can NOT wait to see Steve Balderson's upcoming documentary - all about Pleasant - UNDERBELLY.

In the meantime, check out the dozen different instructional DVDs that are already out, that Pleasant has made with Augusta/Penny Starr, Jr. of It's A Chick Productions.

Here is the Play List for my broadcast. Hopefully the Podcast will be available soon.

Bungalow Boo Boo Boo: The Mutants (Death Race 3000)
Queen of the Three Clubs: Pleasant Gehman (Ruined)
Mighty Like A Broad: Music To Strip By
Los Angeles: X (Los Angeles)
Gimme Love: Ann Margret (Viva La Vivaciousness)
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie: Dean Ween/Rollins Band (Rise Above)
White Trash Apocalypse: Pleasant Gehman (Ruined)
Alight!: Red Aunts (Ghetto Blaster)
Rock and Roll: Velvet Underground (Loaded)
Foug-E Ramla: Rai Rebels (Earthworks)
Esther's Orbit Room - Hangover - Ester's Orbit Room Revisited: Pleasant Gehman (Ruined)
Twist and Shout: Booker T and the MGs (Green Onions)
Night of the Bomboras: The Bomboras (Head Shrinkin' Fun)
Hell On Wheels: Betty Blowtorch (Are You Man Enough?)
Pretty Lightning: New Bomb Turks (The Night Before The Day the Earth Stood Still)
Season of the Witch: Pleasant Gehman (Ruined)
Wild Thing: The Runaways (Live at the Agora, Cleveland, 1976)
Aphrodisiac: Bow Wow Wow (When the Going Gets Tough...)
You Have The City: The Music Lovers (Guide for Young People)
It's A Great Feeling: Ann Magnuson (The Luv Show)
Femme Fatale: Nico (Chelsea Girl Live)

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