Saturday, August 4, 2007

I Wish You Jazz

My mentor, Don Pavelcik wrote a poem titled, "I Wish You Jazz". This poem inspired a regular event, "Circus of Cool", a jazz stage at Community Festival - a HUGE free event in Columbus, Ohio and many of the jazz performers, poets and performers in the scene.

I am titling my show today, "I Wish You Jazz", and dedicating it to Don and to all those that have taught and inspired me about jazz. If there's one thing you can count on in jazz is it's unpredictability and lack of a sing-a-long melody. And, if you've been listening to my show, this station is all about unpredictability. Not having a turntable working last week really bums me out since I picked out special songs just for that broadcast.

I received a telephone call this morning from Lilycat to let me know that there would not be a live broadcast from the Positively Sixth Street Fair as planned. I was a bit bummed that had we done the live show, I wouldn't have an opportunity to play any music throughout my broadcast. So, getting to broadcast from the studio was fine with me. Although, I'm sure I missed out on meeting a lot of incredible characters that bring a vitality to the city. Because I hadn't heard if the submixer was fixed at the station, I decided to make listenability predictable, and brought only CDs. I have several jazz records in my collection (as in vinyl albums), so relying on CD for the sound I worked on bringing a variety of forms of jazz for you.

Here's the playlist:
(from Lilycat's show, Lethal Injection by Slim Cessna's Auto Club - LIVE)
Betsy's Theme: Bernard Herrmann (Taxi Driver soundtrack)
Insensetez: Antonoio Carlos Jobim (Lost Highway soundtrack)
Chase: James Brown (Black Caesar soundtrack)
Lonely Woman: John Zorn (Naked City) (original composer: Ornette Coleman)
1970: The Stooges (Funhouse)
Bonus Track: Ornette Coleman Double Quartet (Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation)
Ten Yard: Christian Howes (Ten Yard)
Contraption: Paul Brown's Science Gravy Orchestra
Forever-One Reporter's Opinion: Mike Watt (Ball Hog or Tugboat)
Conception: Coolooloosh (Wibibip)
Something Sweet, Something Tender: Eric Dolphy (Out To Lunch)
Crepuscle With Nellie (Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane) (Live at Carnegie Hall 11/29/57)
In A Sentimental Mood: Duke Ellington & John Coltrane
I Got It Bad, And That Ain't Good: Ella Fitzgerald (The Best of the Song Books)
Caliente: CHARO (Gusto)
Coracao Vagabundo: Caetano Veloso e Cal Costa (Bossa Nova Brasil)
Cuban Nightmare: Tito Puente and His Orchestra (Vol. 1)
Travelin' Light: Diane Schuur and the Count Basie Orchestra
I Hear A Smile: Madrugada
Weatherbirds of Prey: Skip Heller (Bear Flag)

"I Wish You Jazz" -written and copyrighted by Don Pavelcik
Jazz was the meditated inspiration,
The carnal jubilation,
The soulful interpretation
Of my vagabond delinquency

Jazz touched the physical reality,
It was the emotional mooring,
The intellectual stimulation
Of my factory-bound world.

I was schooled on George Shearing,
Jazz at the Phil, down with the MJQ,
I was gone on Brubeck
And I dug the Duke the most

I was a hipster, a music junkie,
In a time when hip was hep,
When I was draped I was ultra-cool
I was blackboard jungle delicious

Jazz is the emotion of the moment
The tunes du jour, the song of the day.
Jazz is what I hear when I walk down the street.
Jazz is there in the dark at the heart of the night
Jazz is the dialogue between the
Two sides of my brain, my soul's soliloquy.
Jazz is the tap, tap, tribal talk
My body makes in joyful dance
Jazz is the humanistic future in a sectarian

Time, the godless waltz of brotherhood
Jazz is the great know-nothing to religion
Jazz is the heavenly, human creation.

Everybody's got their own kind of rhythm,
Everybody's got their own sweet song.
My song is sung in Jazz.
I Wish You Jazz.

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