Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mother's birthday is today, August 12th, so for my show on August 11th, I dedicated the show to her. I played music that either she requested to be played, or that I wanted to play for her.

This show is one of my gifts to her since I cannot be with her in Ohio. She is a great source of inspiration to me -especially her love and encouragement of all aspects of creativity. When I say her parenting skills were inspired by the various roles of Julie Andrews, it's because she made everything a game. There was a story, a song, a character - a variety of means to make chores (and life) more entertaining and fun - just like Maria in Sound of Music and Mary Poppins.

She was an art student and made sure my sister and I saw and appreciated art in all forms - from the freshly tilled soil in the fields, fashion and make-up, cinematography, museums, etc. - especially music. Always singing, dancing and getting my sister and I in on the act - even with family visits - we would put on shows.

Here is a photo I took of her two years ago when I was visiting for her birthday. The t-shirt says, "I Can't Be 60, I Still Love Rock N Roll", which she had custom made for herself. Standing from L-R are Mikayla, Mom, Tristan and Shannon - my sister's kids.

My friend, Dominic Trix of KFJC joined me in the studio, to help pull off the tribute.

Here is the play list for this special show.
Happy Birthday: Jingle Cats
Cat Handcuffs: Steve Martin (A Wild and Crazy Guy)
Lucille: Waylon Jennings (Honky Tonkin' album)
Come Softly To Me: The Fleetwoods
- special request by my mom
I Love To Laugh: Mary Poppins

(sorry I was trying to find the Haynes Boys' track and didn't realize I was bleeding the two together - OOPS!)
Welfare Line (The Highwaymen)
9-5: Dolly Parton (The Ultimate Dolly Parton)
Be Bop A LuLa: Gene Vincent (Wild At Heart soundtrack)
Hound Dog: Elvis Presley (RCA Special Hits)
Hawaii Five-O theme: The Ventures (7" on Liberty Records)
Pearl of Great Price: Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker (Oops...Here Comes A Smile)
Please Help Me I'm Falling: Homer and Jethro (Songs My Mother Never Sang)
The Race Is On: George Jones (Living Legends)
Not Ready To Make Nice: Dixie Chicks (Take The Long Way) - special request by my mom
Wayfaring Stranger: Emmylou Harris (Roses In The Snow)
My Favorite Things: Sound of Music soundtrack
California Blues: Doc and Merle Watson (Watson Country)
Everybody Loves A Nut: Johnny Cash (Everybody Loves A Nut)
The Crapitation Contest: The Phantom Surfers (XXX Party)
The Impossible Dream: Shaun Nielsen (Songs I Learned From Elvis)
click on the link for the image discussed on the broadcast
Maple on the Hill: Carter Family (The Carter Family Country Favorites)
Move It On Over: Hank William, Sr. (24 of Hank Williams Greatest Hits)

Fire: KoKo Taylor (self-titled on MCA Records)
Wonderful! Wonderful!: Johnny Mathis (Johnny Mathis: A 50th Anniversary Celebration)

Tonight: West Side Story soundtrack

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