Monday, July 30, 2007

PEE WEE RULZ! (tech problems suck!)

In honor of
Paul Reubens Day, I paid homage to all things silly and to the celebration produced by Drunked Red Headed Sluts. There were lots of references to masturbation too, including some on air time with me and a vibrator.

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Oy vey! The Technical difficulties just didn't stop throughout the broadcast!

I am listening to the podcast and it's just so embarrassing.
I played one track - let me clarify - THE TRACK OF THE DAY and for whatever reason, it didn't broadcast on the air, despite my being able to hear it broadcasting in the studio.
It was Pee Wee Herman himself singing, "Surfin Bird" from the Back to the Beach soundtrack.

So, as I continue to listen, the station is in DIRE need of a submixer for the record players.
Whatever I would play on the RIGHT turntable, it did NOT broadcast.
Oh, this totally blows. I played the majority of my show via that side.

I keep talking about the tracks that I played, and yet, you can't hear them.
I think the reason you could hear that first track that I played on the right side was because I had the switch clicked for just the right side. However, when I began using both turntables, I switched it in the middle to play either turntable. Apparently that doesn't work.
SUCH A DRAG to find this out after the fact. Too bad I had ZERO listeners or other Pirate Cat staff calling me to tell me about the problems.
Ah, what are you gonna do.

So, I deeply apologize to anyone that wanted to listen to this show.

And, that was not my only technical difficulty - far from it.

Because I recorded my interview with Sadie Lune (producer of Paul Reubens Day) with my handheld cassette recorder, and the station refuses to install a cassette player, I played back the interview on the same handheld recorder. But, then my tape player started acting really strangely while playing back the interview. I was only able to play a small portion of the interview on the air because it kept speeding up our voices. Despite the show's theme being all manner of silly things, well, that was just too silly because you couldn't understand what we were saying.

I even tried putting in different batteries from one of the vibrators I happened to have on me. It continued to act up, so well, the best cure for stress is a good ol' fashioned orgasm, so I went to town, pleasuring myself with the vibrator, while in my Ms. Yvonne drag. Sorry folks, the climax was not broadcast on the air.

So, well, this podcast is just disappointing all around. I will have to have a reprise of my show and perhaps get Sadie live on the air and we can pleasure ourselves together in the studio. Rag on or not.

Here is the play list for whatever it's worth:
"I Want You To Die": Storm (from Lilycat's set)
"Let's Sing Like The Birdies"
"Buzz Saw Twist": The Gee Cees (Las Vegas Grind, Vol. 4)
"Oops, There Comes A Smile": Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker
inaudible -"Surfin Bird": Pee Wee Herman (Back to the Beach soundtrack)
"Tequila": The Ventures
inaudible - "Boa Constrictor": Johnny Cash (Everybody Loves A Nut)
"Cowboys and Indians": Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman (The Happy Electropop Music Machine)
"Sadie's Still Got The Rag On": Faye Richmond (Girlesque)
inaudible - "The World's Oldest Teenager": Homer and Jethro

Interview with Sadie Lune, founder and producer of Paul Reubens' Day.
(sorry for the low volume, it did not broadcast this way in my headset)

"Lotion": Wesley Willis (Greatest Hits Vol. 2)
inaudible - "Creativity In Action/I'm In The Mood For Love": Steve Martin (A Wild and Crazy Guy)
"The Phantom Surfers' Alphabet": The Phantom Surfers
inaudible - "Tequila": The Mariachi Brass, featuring Chet Baker (A Taste of Tequila)
"Yvone": Charlie Byrd (Bossa Nova By The Birds)
"The Heartwarming Worm Song": Baby Gramps (Same Old Timelessly)
inaudible - "Louie, Louie": Paul Revere and the Raiders
The Farting Contest - Side Two (Same as Side One on Games Unlimited Records)
inaudible - "The Bells": The SkipJacks and the Buddy Morrow Orchestra (Poe for Moderns)
"Rock and Roll Killed My Mother" (God - less America)
"Labia Limbo": The Wet Spots (Hello Kinky)
inaudible - "Sit Sit Sit Sit On My Face": Country Porn (Country Porn)
"Dance Boatman Dance": The Smothers' Brother (Live at the Purple Onion)
"Private Life": Oingo Boingo (Nothing To Fear)
"Love Is Just Around The Corner": Pee Wee Hunt (Pee Wee Hunt's Dance Party)
"I Left My Heart in San Francisco": Pancho (yes, folks that's a parrot)

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