Monday, July 23, 2007



The theme for my July 21st show is the spoken word.

I had on my show several guests including:
Melinda Lilycat
Raina Bird
Allison Landa
Alvin Orloff
I read Nicole Henares poetry in absentia
and, I played a track from my spoken word CD.

Due to some technical difficulties with the left turntable, we had a bit of a rough start. But, it ended up being a very fun show. Thanks to all of the readers for providing a glimpse of their writings and their contributions of bringing in their spoken word CDs that inspire them.

And, it was steamy HOT in the studio, and we created quite the sultry lair of lust and sweat.
First Raina stripped to some amazingly hot black cotton lady briefs and tied up her t-shirt.
Lilycat was seduced to take off her top too.
And, then I removed my official Henry Miller Library t-shirt.
We rolled around all of the vinyl and CDs, trying to figure out which Bukowski, which Burroughs, which Lenny Bruce we wanted to hear the most.

Once again, the audience missed out on hearing my Lydia Lunch, Henry Rollins, and several other spoken word tracks due to them being on cassette, since the manager feels that cassettes are obsolete and refuses to allow a cassette player to be hooked up to the board on a regular basis.

The Raven: SkipJacks and The Buddy Morrow Orchestra (Poe For Moderns)
Bad Sex:Thea Hillman (Beaten To The Bone: Erotic Spoken Word)
Bad Sex: Chris Morris (sure to be a regular track on my broadcasts)
Emotional Weather Report (and Intro): Tom Waits (Nighthawks at the Diner)
LIVE: Perverts In The Redwoods: Raina Bird (Zygote In My Coffee #93)
Songs For Sadists Without A Place To Sit Down: Charles Bukowski (70 Minutes in Hell-home recording 1969)
LIVE: The Snake: Melinda Lilycat (Cherry Bleeds)
Sunflower Sutra: Allen Ginsberg (Best of The Beat Generation)
LIVE:Globetrotter: Allison Landa (Clean Sheets)
LIVE: Telemarketing: Alvin Orloff
The Perverse Act: Lenny Bruce (What I Got Arrested For)
Again and Again: Lady Monster (self-titled) (with Brian Mullins on guitar)
(a few minutes of dead air - I turned up the wrong knob to come back on the air - whoops!)
Naked Lunch (excerpt): William Burroughs (The Beat Generation box set)
Lycraflesh: Beth Lisick (on the 4/25/05 PomoLiterati broadcast on KUSF)
Emergency Mariachi: Gary "Mex" Glaxner (Beaten To The Bone: Erotic Spoken Word)
Good Thing I Don't Touch Girls: Matthue Roth (For the Love of Odd)
LIVE: The Bitch You Love To Hate: Nicole Henares (as read by Lady Monster)
Ex-Boyfriends: Kim Addonizio (Swearing, Smoking, Drinking, & Kissing)
Godspeed (excerpt of the first chapter of the novel): Lynn Breedlove (What's The Word)

And, then the show ends abruptly because the clock in the studio does not match the clock that is set on the podcast. Y'all missed the recording of The Bells by The SkipJacks and The Buddy Morrow Orchestra on the record, Poe For Moderns.
Well, I guess you'll have to wait 'til a later broadcast as it is an incredible track.

I apologize for my overuse of the word "excellent" during the show. Must've been the word for the day - everyone scream!

Speaking of screaming to special words, next week's program will feature the producer of Paul Reubens Day, Sadie Lune. Paul Reubens Day takes place on Saturday, July 28th. First the parade begins at Vesuvio's in North Beach at noon. The celebration begins at 4:00pm at The Stud. The theme for my show will be Silliness. Should be a hoot!

Listen to Pirate Cat Radio at 87.9FM in San Francisco, Los Angeles and 104.8 in Berlin, Germany or via webcast. Please feel free to call in to the studio during my broadcast at:
415-626-6180 . The Lair of Lady Monster broadcasts Saturdays from 2:00 - 4:00PM.

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