Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sluts Unite!


On Saturday, July 14th I dedicated The Lair of Lady Monster to the 5th Biennial Sex Worker Film Festival.

Please note that the first thing you hear on the podcast is for the show prior to mine, Lilycat. Her broadcast lasted longer than 2 hours, so the podcast contains her final song, rather than beginning right away with my show.

I played a pre-recorded interview with Scarlot Harlot, the Unrepentant Whore - the founder and co-producer of the festival. Please click here for a transcript of the interview and here on IndyBay. I deeply apologize for not knowing how long the interview was and not allowing enough time in the broadcast to play the entire interview.

Much to my displeasure, the cassette player at the studio does not work, and according to the station manager will NEVER work NOR will it EVER be replaced as he says, "Tapes are obsolete". Well, my music collection and methods of interviewing beg to differ. So, I had to move the microphone down to my handheld cassette player and play it that way. Scarlot was unable to provide a live interview as the festival kicked-off on the 14th with the School for Johns, and was happening right during my broadcast. It was great spending so much time with Scarlot, and talking about the festival.

I hope you enjoy this podcast and learn a little more about sex workers. The festival is all about "creating a cultural institution"(Scarlot Harlot), providing awareness, education and creating a creative community and outlet for sex workers and those that love them.

Thank you Scarlot and all the producers of the event for all of your hard work! I can't wait to take part in some of the festivities.

Here is a brief calendar of events. Please go to the website to check out the full calendar and details.

Saturday: School for Johns at The Power Exchange and Graduation Party with Lap Dances at Sweeties
Sunday: Opening party for We Asian Sex Workers aspect of the Festival at the AR+Space Gallery at Folsom & 9th Street, SF
Monday: We Asian Sex Workers Gallery Hours
Tuesday: SWOP-USA (Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA) National Conference & Action
Wednesday: St. James Infirmary Skills Share, We Asian Sex Workers Immigration Panel
Thursday: Desiree Alliance West Coast Convergence - Sex Worker Conference at The Women's Building, " Natural Born Hooker - a play by Konrad Product at CounterPulse (two shows)
Friday:Desiree Alliance West Coast Convergence - Sex Worker Conference at The Women's Building, We Asian Sex Workers Film Festival, Roaming Hooker Fest at LiPo Lounge and outdoor film showings
SaturdaySex Worker Film Festival screenings from noon -2AM at The Roxie - with your MC LADY MONSTER from 8pm - 2am
Sunday: Sex On Wheels - a historical dramatized bike tour, MachoSissy art exhibit, Lick My Kitty: A Kitty Kastro Memorial Cabaret at SomArts (including a burlesque performance by LADY MONSTER

It was also a lot of fun going through my collection and finding various songs that portrayed sex work in a positive light - or at least about sex.

Play List
For Your Love: Candye Kane (Toughest Girl Alive)
Pasties & A G-String: Tom Waits (Small Change)
Part-Time Hooker: Betty Blowtorch (Are You Man Enough)
Wild Sex (In The Working Class): Oingo Boingo (Nothing To Fear)
Love For Sale: Ella Fitzgerald (The Best of the Song Book)
Money (It's What I Want): Buddy Guy (The Best of Chicago Blues various album)
St. James' Infirmary: Creed Taylor Orchestra
Sell Your Body: Turbonegro (Scandinavian Leather)
Happy Hooker: Black Oak Arkansas

(interview with Scarlot Harlot)

Today Was: Bellrays (Let It Blast)
The Golden Age of Hustlers - LIVE: Bambi Lake (Broadway Hostess)
The Drifters, aka Les Momes De La Cloches: Edith Piaf (But Not Forgotten)
The Passenger: Iggy Pop (Nude & Rude)

(2nd part of interview with Scarlot Harlot)

Head Boogie: Country Porn (Chinga Chavin's Country Porn)
The Dealer, The Peeler & The Stealer: Andre Williams (Black Godfather) (with Greg and Jack Oblivian)

(end of interview with Scarlot Harlot)

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