Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hot GFE Action!


Ty Gerhardt, guitarist of The Girlfriend Experience joined me in the studio on Saturday, July 7th.

It was a show dedicated to great rock bands that have inspired me, like GFE and those that have inspired Ty, while still trying to keep to a theme of a "girlfriend experience". Yeah, I'm a dork. I love searching through my stuff, just to keep with a theme. Plus, it was great fun going through my box of 7" records and seeing just how many New Bomb Turks and Supersuckers singles I have.

The Girlfriend Experience are currently on their SWxNW Tour, traveling all up and down the Western coast, and to the farther reaches of Austin, Texas to Yakima, Washington promoting their latest album, When In Rome...Do As The Lions.

Here is the play list for our play date (songs Ty contributed are marked*):

Rolling Stones: Brown Sugar (Sticky Fingers)
New Bomb Turks: Spanish Fly By Night, (7", Glazed Records)
Radio Birdman: Non-Stop Girls (Radios Appear)
The Seeds: Pushing Too Hard (7" on Cresendo)
Flamin Groovies: Slow Death (Kerrang comp CD)
Greenhornes: Stayed Up Last Night (7", Italy Records)
Geraldine: Outro (7", Red Hour Records)
Supersuckers: She's My Bitch (La Mano Cornuda)
Runaways: Cherry Bomb (Live in Cleveland at the Agora Theater, July 1976)
The Fluid: My Kind (PurpleMetalFlake)
GFE: Kiss Kiss (When In Rome..Do As The Lions)*
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: Get Up Lucy (7" Munster Records)
Sonic Youth: Tom Violence (Evol)*
Ride: Leave Them All Behind (Going Blank Again)*
Patsys: Give It To Me (Both Sides Never)
Boy Scout Love Triangle: Apocalypse Was Her Maiden Name (7", SproggPop)
GFE: Cross The Eyes (When In Rome..Do As The Lions)*
Charlotte Gainsbourgh: The Songs That We Sing (5:55 -with AIR)
Blur: Chinese Bombs (self-titled)*
X: Universal Corner (Beyond & Back)*
Easy Action: Do or Die (7", Reptilian)
Lee Hazelwood: Dark In My Heart (These Boots Are Made For Walking - Greatest Hits)*
Replacements: I Will Dare (Pleased To Meet Me)*

Thanks Ty for coming by, and helping me put on this excellent show. I had a blast. Would love to do it again, next time with the whole band in the studio.

I really really wish the shifts on Pirate Cat were 3 or 4 hours long. There's just not enough time to have a good interview and play all the songs that I had picked out, plus play the songs that my guests bring. Ty had a whole stack of stuff that would have been to play. Thanks Ty for getting all that together. Oh, and I have your Lee Hazelwood CD, I'll bring it to the Vaudeville A La Mode show on the 20th.

Come on out to this great event folks!!
Vaudeville A La Mode
The Uptown in Oakland. Lots of great bands, comedy, burlesque (including me!) and artwork for sale - and FREE FOOD - all for a cover price of $6. You can't beat it with a stick.
It's a monthly event too, so ask Ty if you want to get on the bill sometime soon.

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