Thursday, June 21, 2007

Music Lovers


Ted of The Music Lovers was my guest this week.
Sorry for not being around much in June.

Last week I was in Las Vegas for the Miss Exotic World/Burlesque Hall of Fame competition.

On June 23rd I will be performing at the main stage for the Dyke March in Dolores Park (San Francisco) as a memorial to Heather (RevaLucien) MacAllister, founder of the Fat Bottom Revue, my former burlesque troupe.

On June 30th I will be in Columbus, Ohio. I am flying in to perform at the farewell show for Little Brother's. After about 30 years in business with Staches/Little Brothers, Dan Dougan is hanging up his hat. I will be performing burlesque. I will also be seeing a reunion of The New Bomb Turks at the Ravari Room, down the street the next night. Whoo-Fucking-Hoo!!

So, now back to our show.

I met Ted while performing burlesque at Margaret Cho's The Sensuous Woman show at The Empire Plush Room in San Francisco last year.
The Music Lovers are a regular fixture at her shows, playing original live music while Margaret and Princess Farhana perform burlesque routines.
Margaret has even filmed videos for The Music Lovers :
The Former Miss Ontario
Masculine Feminine

Oh, I miss those shows. It was so nice having Ted up to Pirate Cat for a visit, and to play some songs together. Hopefully he can come back with the whole band and give us a live set.

I decided to play songs that reflect The Music Lovers pop-sensibilities with excellent lyrics.
I brought numerous cassette tapes to play, however, I couldn't figure out how to work the cassette player in the studio. Thus, no Elvis Costello, Nick Cave or FELT.

However, I was able to play the following tunes to play. Thanks to Ted for supplying the Music Lovers tunes and Mink DeVille.

Julian Cope: Love's Incomplete (St. Julian)
Marianne Faithful: As Tears Go By (A Perfect Stranger)
Pat Dull & The Media Whores: Oh Robyn (Gimme The Whores)
Scott Walker: Next (Scott Walker 2)
The Music Lovers: Lovers of a Golden Age (world-exclusive premiere) (Masculine Feminine)
Mink DeVille: Walk That Little Girl Home
Sandy Bull: Memphis, Tennessee (The Essential Sandy Bull)
The Music Lovers: The Former Miss Ontario (The Words We Say Before We Sleep)
Verbow: Closer to Free (White Out)
John Doe: Kissing (Kissing So Hard)
Leonard Cohen: Diamonds In The Mine (Songs of Love and Hate)
Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots: Denver Boot (Jimmy Carter Syndrome)
Tom Waits: Big Joe and Phantom 309 (Nighthawks at the Diner)
Flaming Stars: You Don't Always Get What You Want (Ginmill Perfume)
Haynes Boys: Jackie (Guardian Angel)

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