Monday, June 4, 2007

Come For A Cause, Part Two


The 7th annual Masturbate-a-thon took place simultaneously with this broadcast on May 26th.

Folks were lining up at the door to come inside and begin breaking a record for the longest wank.
Proceeds from the Masturbate-a-thon benefit the Center for Sex and Culture.
Founders Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence were my guests two weeks prior.

This week my guests were Craig Pop Artist and Craig of (two different Craigs).
Craig the visual artist created the banner and some costumes and other fun things for the Masturbate-a-thon.
Craig the audio artist assisted the M'thon with various on-air promotions and volunteer efforts.

It was great getting to speak with them both about their passion for the great pull-off.

Because the Masturbate-a-thon was being broadcast live across the internet from 7-10pm, we had to receive permission from a variety of artists to play their music. I received permissions from several artists, and in a gesture of appreciation played their music during my broadcast.

In no particular order (I didn't play the same artists back to back):
Annie Sprinkle - Deep Inside Your Cosmic Body Erotic (Cyborgasm)
BlowFly - I Believe My Dick Can Fly (Fahrenheit 69)
BlowFly - BlowFly's ABCs (Analthology)
Revolting Cocks - Ten Million Ways To Die (Cocked and Loaded)
Spit - G-String Swing (G-String Swing)
Spit - Asshole Man (G-String Swing)
Swampass - Goddamn Radio (Live At The Stork Club)
The Evolution Control Committee - Don't Miss The Great Snatch
The Evolution Control Committee - I Want A Cookie
The Mutants (Greece) - Dr. Gedup (DeathRace 3000)
The Mutants (Greece) - Beachwolley Mudparty (DeathRace 3000)
Thee Invaders - Gimme Control (Green Skin)

Artists that I just played, but were not on-air contributors to the Masturbate-a-thon:
Patti Smith - Because The Night (Easter)
Troy Hess - Please Don't Go Topless Mother (God Less America)
Stooges - Loose (Funhouse - remastered on Rhino)
Van Halen - Sinner's Swing (Fair Warning)

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