Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lessons With Lady Monster

July 3, 2012


Lady Monster marks her triumphant return to Columbus, teaching workshops and advanced performance classes.

Every Saturday from 2:00 – 3:00pm
at Center for Wholeness in Clintonville

Unearthed from the basement of Acme Art Gallery in 1992, Lady Monster has become a Tour de Force artiste.

Voted one of the Top 100 Burlesque Artists in the world by her peers, she performs in a variety of capacities.

A Queen of the Fire Tassels, Burlesque, Poetry, Performance Artist, Recording Artist, Actress, Model, DJ, Producer, Teacher, and Philanthropist

Lady Monster left Columbus, Ohio eleven years ago, wanting to expand on her talents in San Francisco. She was able to do that, and so much more – and ready to once again taking the city by storm.

She read her erotica and sexual stories with a variety of spoken word artists throughout the 90s, including co-founding Circus of Cool with Don “The Pope” Pavelcik and passing the torch to Krista Williams.

Once in San Francisco she began a long-term relationship with the Dead Kennedys singer and Green Party presidential candidate, Jello Biafra. They worked together on his last four spoken word albums.

In 2005, she joined the first national touring plus-size burlesque troupe, Fat-Bottom Revue led by the former, Heather MacAllister. Once part of this troupe, she opened for national acts like Candye Kane and was photographed by Star Trek icon, Leonard Nimoy for his book, The Full Body Project. These images have been featured in galleries around the world, on The Colbert Report, The View, in the New York Times, TIME magazine and beyond.

Upon the book's release (2007), Lady Monster became the spokesmodel and was interviewed with Leonard Nimoy on a number of occasions, including being invited to speak and perform at the release event, Full Body Symposium.

Lady Monster also appears on the Revolting Cocks' album “Cocked and Loaded” with the song she wrote and performs the lyrics, “Revolting Cock Au Lait”. Appearing on their 2006 tour at various House of Blues venues, she danced live with the band nightly.

Lady Monster's burlesque career has had a number of successes, including performing in Margaret Cho's The Sensuous Woman shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Satan's Angel, a legendary burlesque performer, created FIRE TASSELS in San Francisco in the mid-1960s. In 2008 she began to teach this art form to a select number of performers around the world. That year, Angel chose Lady Monster as her protege. Lighting her tassels on a regular basis across the country, into Canada and overseas in Europe, Lady Monster has found her talent. She is the only person in the Western Hemisphere to be able to teach this art , besides Satan's Angel herself. Bettie Blackheart (Helsinki, Finland) is the only other person with this ability. There are currently only 12 women worldwide with this gift.

Lady Monster has appeared in the following films: Phone Sex, Watch Out, Stuck, The Craving, Satan's Angel: The Movie, April Flores' Dangerous Curves, etc. She has also made her mark in multiple Love Art Lab weddings created by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, in publications, on recordings and a variety of online entertainment.

Lady Monster has amassed a wealth of information about performing and how to achieve results on stage. Hoping to provide some inspiration and tutelage, she will be teaching classes on a regular basis. These lessons are open to anyone – all ages, sizes, genders and bodies – whether you are a performer or not.

Taking place at:
The Center for Wholeness
3408 Indianola Avenue @ Oakland Park.
Located on the #4 bus line
Near the 71 and 315 exits for N. East Broadway
Next door to the Wildflower Cafe
Wheelchair/Disabled Accessible

Regular Time: 2:00 – 3:00pm for each class.
Each class costs: $10.00/person
All Four Classes: $35.00/person
Advance tickets: http://ladymonster.eventbrite.com

Every First Saturday, beginning August 4th:
This is a body image workshop. Lady Monster has worked with size-positive/body activists such as Leonard Nimoy, Candye Kane, Marilyn Wann (Fat!SO?) and Annie Sprinkle, PhD to create this workshop. It is a visualization to learn to infuse love to every inch of your body. Lady Monster has taught this class at a variety of burlesque festivals and events across the country and in Canada. This is a seated class, please come as you are.

Every Second Saturday:
Tassels HO!
This class teaches anyone how to twirl tassels, and how to make a good tassel and pastie. It also teaches the importance of good construction and technique to save breast tissue. Please wear comfortable clothing. We will be up and moving during the class. Pasties with Tassels will be available for purchase at the class.

Every Third Saturday, beginning September 15th:
Beginning techniques on the art of the striptease. Learn about being sensuous, playful, engaging and most of all - THE TEASE. Please wear comfortable clothing. We will be up and moving during the class.

Every Fourth Saturday, beginning August 25th:
Miss Theresa co-teaches this class with Lady Monster. Together, they bring a wealth of information on how to work with rhinestones, beads, sequins, fringe, elastic, leather and more. There will not be any actual craft work completed during the class. This is a skill share workshop, to learn more about your materials. This is a seated class, please come as you are.

For more information about Lady Monster and The Lessons With Lady Monster, please:  

Lady Monster at Stephanie@LadyMonster.com

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