Sunday, January 4, 2009


I'm coming back folks!
Thanks to the genius technical guru John Miller, a new station - FCC FREE is hitting the airwaves of the Bay Area like a tsunami!
Hang ten!

I will be bringing back the Lair of Lady Monster very soon!

Check out the brand spankin' new website, and the other on-air personalities.

Here is my FCC FREE RADIO bio:
Lady Monster’s naked body has appeared with Leonard Nimoy on The Colbert Report, in The Hammer Museum, and on coffee tables with The Full Body Project around the world.
Her spoken word talents were featured in her collaboration with the Revolting Cocks – Revolting Cock Au Lait – oh yeah, that’s her voice and her words, fucking shit up with the master, Al Jourgensen.
She shimmied onstage with Margaret Cho’s The Sensuous Woman burlesque revue.
This lifetime music aficionado and Certified Sex Specialist brings talents such as Mr. Nimoy, Lydia Lunch, Annie Sprinkle, Nina Hartley, Candye Kane and more burlesque performers than you can shake a feather fan at, to the airwaves.
Can you handle it? Straight outta the mouth of hell to your naked steaming ears is…
The Lair Of Lady Monster

Learn more about Lady Monster at:

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