Monday, February 4, 2008

Punk Poets

This show is divided into a variety of sections. First, I have an episode about technical difficulties. My apologies to the staff at the station for making my grievances public.

Next, I air my interview with Lydia Lunch. I found it! I thought it was recorded over, but alas, it was deep inside my MP3 player.

I interviewed Lydia prior to her performance at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco last November. I got the opening slot, and performed my poetry with Steve Mackay of the Stooges and Marlon Kasberg (Liquorball, American Waste, etc.).

I was able to tell my heroine how she inspired me to be a writer and performer, and she in turn let me know how much she enjoyed my performance. What an incredible night!!

The Labyrinth of the Lady Monster curves around to a live appearance by the local writer and poet, William Taylor, Jr. He has a new book on Centennial Press, Words For Songs Never Written. William is a sensitive Bukowski. All of his booze and grit and passion wrapped in a warm blanket. Come cuddle up, and sit near his fire.

William reads some of his poetry and plays music that inspires him.
Come to Dog-Eared Books on Thursday, February 12 to hear him read from the new book.

And, to top off the show, I attended the CRASS session at the Hypnodrome Theater hosted by V. Vale of RE/Search Publications. I made some recordings of one of Penny Rimbaud's performance that night. He performed two - 80 minute sessions with saxophonist/flutist Louise Elliott. This is an exclusive broadcast.

Play List
Anti-Love Song: Betty Davis (The Best of Betty Davis)
Today Was: The Bellrays (Let It Blast)
Diary Of A Taxi Driver
: Robert DeNiro and Bernard Hermmann (Taxi Driver soundtrack)
Rock and Roll Nigger: Patti Smith (Easter)
Bad Girl: New Bomb Turks (Pissing Out The Poison, Singles and Other Swill)

Interview With Lydia Lunch (Steve Mackay on saxophone in the background)

Woman Destroyed: Lydia Lunch and Exene Cervenka (Rude Hieroglyphics)
Set It Off: Peaches (The Teaches of Peaches)
Your Girlfriend: Katastrophe (Let's Fuck, Then Talk About My Problems)
How Insensitive: William Shatner (Spaced Out: The Best of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy)
Who Are You: Tom Waits (Bone Machine)

Interview with William Taylor, Jr. and a reading of his poetry

Hostage: Charles Bukowski
Mr. Somewhere: The Apartments (
The Evening Visits...And Stays for Years)
Witch Hunt: The Church (Priest - Aura)
The Bowery Blues: Jack Kerouac and Steve Allen (The Best of the Beat Generation)
Nothin': Townes Van Zandt (Be Here To Love Me)
Famous Blue Raincoat: Leonard Cohen (Songs of Love and Hate)

My visit with
William Taylor, Jr. continues

Penny Rimbaud reading with Louise Elliott on saxophone and flute.
Recorded live by Lady Monster at The Hypnodrome on Saturday, January 19, 2008.

More technical difficulties in the studio, and the podcast is cut off when the wrong server got reset.
My apologies to the listeners.

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