Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I teach a variety of workshops - open to all genders, ages, and regardless if you are a performer.

Welcomed across North America - these workshops have been taught throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Vancouver, Toronto, Columbus (OH), Chicago, Baltimore and in Austin (TX) at Coco Lectric's Academy of Burlesque and in Portland, Oregon. 

Positively Lovely
A workshop about loving our bodies, releasing judgments and falling in love with every inch of you.

Presenting: YOU!
Open to anyone that wants to build their confidence in front of others. Also teaches stage presence and audience contact. Please wear comfortable clothing. We will be moving around.

The Science of Spinning
Teaching Satans Angel's method of pastie and tassel making - and the physics involved in tassel twirling.

Strip For Your Lover
Perfect for a new bride! This class is an introduction to striptease to perform for a partner. Very basic elements, moves, costuming.

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