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Sex Advice Columns

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Here is a listing with a brief description for all that have been published this year:

December 19, 2013
Losing My Erection
Erections vary, they are not a constant. They are affected by emotion, visual and mental stimulation. If an uncomfortable emotion, thought or image comes into the picture while erect, you're going to have a variation – no matter your age or record of virility.

December 12, 2013
December 17th is a Red Umbrella Day
International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers has empowered workers from cities around the world to come together and organize against discrimination and remember victims of violence. During the week of December 17th, sex worker rights organizations will be staging actions and vigils to raise awareness about violence that is commonly committed against sex workers. The assault, battery, rape and murder of sex workers must end.

December 5, 2013
Genital Piercings
Genital piercings are a very personal choice. Ultimately, the choice to receive them is for extra sensitivity and pleasurable sensations during sexual activity.

November 27, 2013
Interview with Fonda Lingue
In honor of last week's Trans Day of Rememberance and Trans Awareness Week, I asked International Dancer and Burlesque Performer, Fonda Lingue some questions.

November 20, 2013
How Can I Ask My Wife For Sex?
All of these questions and many more that I haven't come up with could provide insight to her discomfort, mistrust, and fears for not wanting to share her most intimate gift with you.
The length of your marriage shows you are committed. It’s important, though, to not take each other for granted.

November 13, 2013
Memorial for Carlos Batts
On Tuesday, October 22nd, the sex-positive community lost a fearless leader, Carlos Batts. This beloved artist passed away at the age of 40. His work and spirit touched many of us, leaving us stunned and saddened by his sudden departure.

November 6, 2013
Public Displays of Sex and Sexuality
During the Halloween season, there is a lot of flesh being exposed...Let’s think about some things that may have come up, for the next time you choose to be sexy in public.

October 31, 2013
HEAD: Let's Get Down
An Intimate Experience
Giving head is so pleasureful and intense. There are few things that can compare with the intimacy of this sexual act. Placing your mouth into the heart of sensitivity and sexuality to cause arousal, manipulating the movements of your tongue, lips, face, hands all at once, concentrating so many nimble movements - solely to give your partner pleasure. Think of all the variations of sensations that can be applied. It is a personal decision and a beautiful expression of intimacy.

October 24, 2013
Depending on how you choose to define orgasm or “good sex” - the possibilities of sexual pleasure are limitless. It is how each of us limits ourselves, and where we choose to go.

For more insight and inspiration for your orgasms, and the various types of orgasm that can be achieved, I recommend reading this brand new anthology of erotic short stories, The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories by prolific erotica writer/editor Rachel Kramer Bussel. Each story is about achieving orgasm. Short, hot and steamy revelations. An excellent bedside companion for yourself or story time with a partner. You can find this book through Cleis Press.

October 10, 2013
National Kink Month
How does one define “kinky?”
Is it merely anything besides “vanilla?”
Who says what is vanilla and what is kinky?
How is the boundary established and how does one cross that imaginary line into the Land O'Kink?

October 3, 2013
Anal Sex
Thanks so much for posing a wonderfully intimate question.
You are being cautious and smart, asking the best way to make anal sex pleasurable.
In the words of Nina Hartley, “You must earn butt, you cannot be given butt.” You obviously feel your husband has earned butt. This should be a great moment. Let me provide some tips.

September 27, 2013
Female Ejaculation
Every woman has very different experiences with her urethral sponge. Some women do not ejaculate. Those who do, vary a lot. For some it's like a squirt gun, creating a sexual fountain effect. Some women gush like a flooded river, soaking through a thin mattress. Some create a “wet spot” with a few drops of fluid. Some have found penetration is the key, others have the experience exclusively from clitoral stimulation. It happens to some before orgasm, and others afterward. Some find stimulating this area very irritating or even painful because of its sensitive nature.

September 20, 2013
What Is Ecosexuality?
Reader Question: What is Ecosexuality?

Thank you reader for your question. I would like to introduce you to my friends, Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, the founders of the Ecosexual movement.
“We're changing the metaphor from 'Earth as Mother' to 'Earth as Lover'”, Elizabeth Stephens, Artist, Ecosexual, Professor.
“We aim to make the environmental movement more sexy, fun and diverse.”, Annie Sprinkle, PhD, Artist, Ecosexual, Sexologist.

September 13, 2013
Hello, I'm Lady Monster
Regardless of the questions I receive in this column, I will respond with positive, non-judgmental information. My goal is to provide educational, progressive and provocative insight to one's most primal of urges, and shine a light into our bedrooms to bring us all closer together.

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