Thursday, August 13, 2009

Off The Air!

As of today, I am no longer broadcasting The Lair of Lady Monster on FCC FREE RADIO.
I quit.

While listening to the station, waiting for it to become 2:00 so I could begin my show, I heard a particular track.

Dennis Leary: Fat Bitches

FCC FREE RADIO, when not manned by a DJ, runs automatically on computers. There is an extensive playlist of tracks that have been uploaded by the station manager. This is one of the tracks.

I called up the manager and told him I found it to be totally offensive and that I would not have a radio show on a station that takes the time to upload this track so that it plays in random rotation. Fat bigotry has no place in my life, and I am not going to expend my energy for someone who sees this as "comedy".

I apologize to my future guests for having to cancel our appointment to be on the air, but I hope you can understand my position.

Thanks to everyone who has provided their support, were my guests, listeners and promoters.


Paradoxblu said...

Hey girl, that would have totally brushed my feathers backwards too. Definitely an incident that was insensitive and unnecessary. Why promote hate?

Lubna Horizontal said...

Hey! I love your blog (and your work)

Kisses from barcelona

Diana Pornoterrorista