Thursday, January 10, 2008

Resolve to Dissolve

The New Year brings about Resolutions - ways we resolve to change our lives to make it better, a time for introspection or maybe just dreams of what would make you a happier person - superficial or truly insightful. Sometimes we get distracted, and some of us can look back and say, "Wow, I did it, I accomplished last year's resolutions", or maybe your life changed in ways you never expected.

My show this week features writer, Allison Landa to read us her story,
Little Girl about a life changing experience. So, this show features music and spoken word tracks - all about how life changes, stays the same and well, you can see how I get distracted throughout the program...

Play List
2001- A Space Odyssey: Bluegrass 2001
The Bells - Buddy Morrow Orchestra (Poe For Moderns)
I Gotta Be Me: Sammy Davis, Jr.
Lessons in Italian, #3: Brak (Space Ghost)
To Come: Lenny Bruce (What I Was Arrested For - 2004)
Thank God For The Rain: Bernard Hermann (Taxi Driver soundtrack)
You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up: Brian Jonestown Massacre (And This Is Our Music)
The Bargain Store: Dolly Parton (Ultimate Dolly Parton)
A New Dawn, A New Day: Afternoons in Stereo (Aural Pleasure)
The F Word
Come In My Mouth:
Let My People Come soundtrack
I Want A Cookie: The Evolution Control Committee (
Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0)
I Want Candy: Lydia Lunch(8-Eyed Spy)
Louie Louie: Motorhead (Golden Years)

Reading by Allison Landa

Dancing Barefoot: Patti Smith (Wave)
The Queen of the Three of Clubs: Pleasant Gehman
Ball n' Chain: Big Mama Thornton (Ball n Chain)
Our Bodies/Jimmy's Gal: ee cummings (17 poems of love) (live recordings with improvised music)
Best of Both Worlds: Scott Walker (Scott 2)
The Waltz: Dorothy Parker Stories (as read by Shirley Booth - 1962)
Rescue Me: Fontella Bass? Aretha Franklin?
My Baby: Ken Nordine (The Best of The Beat Generation)
Timeless: Zolar X (Timeless)
Remain Untamed: Turbonegro (Scandinavian Leather)
Your Way Right Away: Wesley Willis (Greatest Hits, Vol. 3)
Stinging Sitars x9: Anjali

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