Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Paul Raven, R.I.P.


I had a special broadcast on October 23 - from 10pm to Midnight, and dedicated it to the memory of Paul Raven.

Paul Raven was the bass player for Ministry on the last two albums. He spent considerable time with Killing Joke. Raven was also in Prong, Pigface, Neon Hearts, Kitsch and Dogs D'Amour. Paul Raven was also finishing work on a new project, MOB Research. Hopefully the work on that will continue, and will be released soon.

He had just arrived in Geneva, Switzerland to begin working with TREPONEM PAL, including collaborating again with Ted Parsons (Prong, Swans, Jesu). After a night of reminiscing and gettng ready to jump into the studio in the morning, Paul Raven was found in a chair. He died of heart failure in his sleep. He was 46.

I was on the MasturbaTour 2006 with Ministry and the Revolting Cocks for the California dates. Every time I saw Raven, I would at first feel intimidated, then feel his warmth and want to just melt into him. He was genuine, a gentleman and a bad ass. I was amazed by him, how much he gave, how much he put out. Al Jourgensen usually brings in really incredible people on his tour, and Raven was no exception - talent and personality-wise. I am very fortunate to have that time with that crew, and became very fond of Raven, especially his relentless MySpace bulletins. I miss him.

Play List

West Memphis Three benefit CD
Our Last Goodbye: Killing Joke

Rio Grande Blood: Ministry
(played the album in its entirety)

Inside Extremities: Killing Joke
The Beautiful Dead
Age of Greed

Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck: Prong

What's This for: Killing Joke

Follow The Leaders (Dub)

Inside Extremities: Killing Joke
Love Like Blood

Unchained: Johnny Cash
Meet Me In Heaven

Highway To Hell: AC/DC
Highway To Hell

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Thank You Lady Monster
RIP Paul Vincent Raven