Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rocked by Rape, and other fun songs

On May 5th, I had my first Pirate Cat Radio broadcast.
My guest was TradeMark G and his lovely assistant, FrillyPants of The Evolution Control Committee.

TradeMark and FrillyPants premiered a few tunes, and we had a lot of fun discussing the topic of the month at Pirate Cat: Censorship and at Good Vibrations: Masturbation.

For more information about The Evolution Control Committee go to:

Here are some songs we played. The ECC premiered quite a few tunes, including:
"Ritalin Ruckus v2" (Illegal Art)
Rocked By Rape (Seeland)
Machine Love (unreleased)
Pertaining To The Beat (unreleased)
Eephunky (unreleased, working title)
I Want A Cookie (Seeland)
Whipped Cream Mixes (Eerie Materials)

Other tunes:
Lenny Bruce: To Come (What I Got Arrested For - Get Back Records, 2004)
Redd Foxx: Eating You (Battle of the Sexes, with Hattie Noel, DooTo Records, 1963)
Kreamy 'lectric Santa: Fluffy Bunny Rebellion (Great Plains Laid To Rest 7", Shut Up Records, 2007)

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