Thursday, July 28, 2011

Death Card

The Death Card
In Tarot, the death card means significant change. It can mean an actual death, but usually relays that the subject is in a period of major transformation.

Within a period of 24 hours I received news that my Aunt Alice was dying and that I received a new, permanent full-time position working as an Executive Assistant in Pacific Heights for one eccentric no-bullshit entrepreneur.

Alice was a huge inspiration to me as a woman that did not take any bullshit either. She worked as a Playboy Bunny at a club in the 60s, raised three children, had three marriages, lived all over the country and worked for several seasons on a Russian fishing boat in the Bering Sea. She fell in love on this boat with a Russian sailor. Their love challenged their love of country and family and we wondered if she would defect for him.

Before she could make this decision she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She lost 1 1/3 lungs, lymph nodes and had chemotherapy. That was 26 years ago and she immediately went back to school to finish her degree in Russian literature. Graduating Summa Cum Laude at Ohio State University, she taught Russian at OSU for several years.

This last time, going into the hospital again for pneumonia, she told her children that she did not want to come out. Preparations and travel arrangements were made to spend time with her. I flew out, away from my new job, to either spend time with her, or just spend time with family. I did not know if she would still be alive once I arrived. She did not want a funeral or services.

I drove straight from the airport to the hospital and found my cousins at her bedside as she slept. I sat quietly, getting caught up with them, not wanting to wake Alice. While I was there she did wake up, she recognized me, we spoke, saying “I love you” and I showed her a photo of a white peacock I took recently. Her grandmother used to raise peacocks, including some white ones. I didn’t want to wear her out, or take time away from her children so I left. Two hours later, upon the arrival of her son, she passed. The thing that stands out the most for me is her will. She willed herself to live after her diagnosis and all the years since. And, then she willed herself to die. She was only 67.

Because of not knowing my future – if I would be staying in San Francisco or moving out of state, I have not booked myself for any performances. So that is another big change for me. I am contacting producers, so hopefully something opens up.

Now that I have a job, I will have the money to attend shows, travel and be part of the community again. I look forward to seeing more performances, taking classes and SHOPPING!

Naked Girls Reading remains and we have a great event planned.

Naked Girls Reading: ART
Co-Presented by Femina Potens

Taking place after NUDE AID
Buy your tickets for Nude Aid and Naked Girls Reading at the Center for Sex and Culture (cash only).
$20 for Nude Aid
$30 for Nude Aid and Naked Girls Reading ($35 for a front row seat)

Ticket Prices at the door for Naked Girls Reading (cash only)
$15.00 General Seats (NGR ONLY)
$20.00 Front Row Seat (NGR ONLY)

Discount Advance Tickets:

Carol Queen PhD, Lady Monster and Ophelia Coeur de Noir

Special Naked Cast: Madison Young and Tessa Wills reading about their favorite artist, work of art or style of art.

Come to Nude Aid, the Center for Sex and Culture’s annual fundraiser to watch art being created with nude models. Each ticket includes one piece of art made during the event. Silent auction items available too.

Must be 18 or over to attend. There will be actual nudity.

For more information go to:

The Arty Shoe Party! A footloose shindig to benefit the Center for Sex & Culture

Sunday, August 14th
CSC, 1349 Mission btw 9th and 10th

Ticket Price at the Door (cash only)
$20 for Nude Aid
$30 for Nude Aid AND Naked Girls Reading ($35 for a front row seat)

It’s like Nude Aid, it’s the Arty Shoe Party, where artists make live art before your very eyes featuring nude, fetish-clad, and stunningly shod models of all types. The one common denominator — they’ll be wearing HOT shoes!

Join us for $20 and receive a free piece of art! (Additional artworks available for a fee.) Wear foxy shoes too! Don’t have any? Check out the Silent Auction, which in addition to artworks, you can bid on SHOES! Or get your boots blacked; if we find somebody who does pedicures, guess what? Your feet will be prettier when you leave than when you arrived!

All proceeds will benefit the Center for Sex & Culture and help us get our library shelving up. More details will be revealed, including a list of participating artists and models!

Visit for more info soon!

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